Why need college students to find a sugar daddy in Australia

College students are the ones into this behavior. It is like there is a competition in the campuses to have sugar daddies. But why? Yeah, that is the question we are finding an answer to today. And here are some reasons why college students have secret arrangements in Australia.

School fees

Some students cannot afford to take care of their fees and there is nothing they can do. Some of them do not have parents while those who have, they cannot afford to pay for it. This student has passion to study and build a career later, but she cannot afford to complete her studies due to fees issues. She also doesn’t want to leave school to do other types of jobs, so they are left with only one solution, to find a sugar daddy. Since sugar daddies are rich and can afford to pay their university fees, they decide to make secret arrangements. We cannot start blaming or judging them, they are determined to do what it takes to graduate with a good degree. This group of student, if they had a different means of getting funds for their college education, they would not engage making secret arrangements.

Good grades

Getting in a secret arrangement in Australia with a lecturer means you need good grades in his subject. There are some courses that require you to take a unit in a subject that happens to be your least favorite. If you have negative thoughts about a subject definitely you are going to fail. You do not want to graduate with low grades or retake education, the best thing you think of is getting yourself a sugar daddy lecturer so that he can give you free grades in your paper. This is wrong yes, but who can be blamed, the student or the lecturer? This is Australia and arrangements have been made and both parties are benefiting from the arrangements. With a lecturer as a sugar daddy, a student doesn’t have to attend the class because after all, there is a well-laid arrangement that is favoring her.

Need for luxurious life in campus

Who doesn’t want to floss with a new car and living outside the school hostels? You know how the hostels can be sometimes. Not well kept and the congestion is too much for you. Now that you want to live in a good house and drive your own car to school, yet you cannot afford to pay for all that, find a sugar daddy for yourself. He will settle your needs in return for you to fulfill his needs too. Desire for a luxurious life while still in school will lead to you having a sugar daddy because you cannot afford to pay for the luxuries you want. This reasons leads to another reason why college students want sugar daddies. Check it out.

Peer pressure

A lady will think her friend is having a good life that she can afford to pay rent for a big house and drive a luxurious car. Because of this, you are also dragged and influenced by your neighbor’s lifestyle. This group of students is either introduced to sugar daddies or go looking for them by themselves. They take to the internet to look for them, in clubs, on the streets and even attend parties to try their lack. Places with many people or social gatherings create a possibility of a sugar baby getting a sugar daddy. Once you get one, you move from the university hostels and get an apartment outside. Or if you found a really wealthy guy, perhaps you can afford to get a townhouse and a new car. This cycle continues and more and more students get into the habit and those that resist are very few.

Tired of serious relationships

Have you dated until you get tired? Maybe your partner cheats on you or the two of you decide to go separate ways and other issues related with relationships. Some students have been in relationship with many guys but it doesn’t work out. They decide to call it quits with serious relationship and decide to get into secret arrangements with sugar daddies. Perhaps they are not patient with life because if they were, at college level it is very early to complain that your relationship is not working out. Anyway, it is a stupid reason why students get into this agreements, furthermore, they are getting goodies in return than spending a whole year on a guy who will later break up with you. I am not advocating for it but it is a reason you will hear from testimonies.

History of being sexually abused

Ladies who fall into the hands of rapists and men who have taken advantage of them react differently to the situation. Some will mourn and hate themselves, while others will make a decision especially if they have fallen victim a couple of times. At this time, she thinks that because I have already been used, there is no need to continue keeping myself, let me get a sugar daddy. This group do this because of low self-esteem. They decide not to get into serious relationships but instead, make arrangements where she can benefit from the sugar daddy. It is a bad idea to make but we cannot blame them, they were forced into sexual harassment and the guilt in them is killing them.

College students are the most culprits who have sugar daddies. Some of the have genuine reasons while others have unbelievable reasons. Some will just do it out of a decision without any reason. Whatever the reason, there are benefits for both parties and the arrangements made are best known to them.


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